Sunday, 20 January 2013

St Michaels: Fairtrade Fashion at an even fairer price

Once again we ventured out into Oxford with a camera to find fairtrade in amongst our streets, but this time we went somewhere a little more well known to us but it is definitely not well known to most other members of the public.

The gorgeous necklaces we could hardly resist!
St Michael is a little known fairtrade shop tucked away underground practically right underneath St Michaels church itself, so there is little wonder why it is often walked straight past by the unknowing shopper. This is a huge shame as it is packed full of quirky, individual, stylish and not to mention fairtrade, fashion must haves!
Vintage chic
What we want you to say!!

Head turner is thus.
Scarf rainbow!

Fairtrade at a reasonable price.

Not only is this shop inspiring and filled with beautiful things but its workers are outstandingly friendly. We told the shop assistant about our campaign and they very kindly invited us to come and have a look at their archives. They gave us a long list of information and posters which we plan to put up in our school. We are incredibly thankful for the resources they have given us, so thank you very much St Michaels!!
Now it's your turn.
Fairtrade at St Michaels,
St. Michael at Northgate,
Cornmarket Street,

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