Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Why hello there! Let us introduce ourselves, we are two Year 10 students from Oxford ( but you may call us Maeve and Miranda) and this year as part of our GCSE Citizenship course we are taking on the task of  changing an issue that in our opinion affects our lives and is in need of action to change it. So we have chosen something we both feel very strongly about which is fairtrade and ethical fashion.
Our interest in this issue was kindled when we began to realise how fairtrade fashion was largely unrecognised in comparison with some of today's equally pressing issues and is very rarely publicised. We find it shocking that even in this modern age people all over the world continue to be exploited by large companies which make these hard workers slave away for an inhumane number of hours in dreadful conditions, with few or no breaks and all this for below the minimum wage.
We want this to stop.
With this blog we hope to raise awareness for this worthwhile cause and tell you what really should be on the label the next time you buy an item of clothing. We also want your support, so please hand on to us any information you may have to help us on our way to spark The Sustainable Style Revolution.

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