Saturday, 12 January 2013

Exclusive Roots: Supporting The Sustainable Style Revolution

Today we decided to hit the road and find out if any Fairtrade nooks were hiding right under our noses here in Oxford, so we grabbed the camera and went to poke around. We had previously known about Exclusive Roots, but had never had much of a reason to actually go in -which is a shame as what we found was an absolute Aladdin's cave of Fairtrade!

Friendly shop assistant in the back ground.
This was hands down the coolest thing we found in the shop which is a bag remade from unwanted and then recycled plastic bags. What really struck us about this was that it felt and looked such good quality along with every thing else in the shop and would of course make you stand out in the street. Luckily for us the winter sale is still on at Exclusive Roots, so the surprisingly low price for this bag was even lower! We think it would be ideal for an intensive shopping session or even a day at the beach, due to the plastic bags it is made from being waterproof.

Our next find were these gorgeous gold bracelets and necklaces that were all hand made and not to mention chic (I will be returning to purchase one of the bracelets that caught my eye)! They ranged from £6 to around £35 which is brilliant for the high quality you are receiving.

Treasure trove

Très chic!
In this picture you see Miranda's fist clutching one of Exclusive Roots' hand-made and hand-sewn dresses in eye-popping pink. You've all read  the rumour in one magazine or another that Fairtrade is always frumpy, however our trip to Exclusive Roots only cemented the fact that, that rumour is 100% not true! 
The cotton felt soft and hard wearing, the colour was beautifully bright and of course the style was fashionable and up to the minute.

So now the only advice we can give you is to"GO"-  as we know it is a trip worth making, whether you are going to buy a gift, trinket or a new outfit.
 If you are a fellow Oxfordian here is the address: 8 Woodstock Road, Oxford, United Kingdom, 0X2 6HT. However , if you are not or if you would prefer you can order online at
Please keep following our Fairtrade endeavours as we continue to promote The Sustainable Style Revolution.   
Exclusive Roots, Oxford